Living Farms is a not for profit organisation which has been working with Kondh adivasis in Odisha since 2005. Living Farms promotes and advocates for ecological agriculture  as the foundation of food security & sovereignty. We work with farmers’ organizations and network with social action groups, scientists, health workers/professionals, environmentalists, and academics. 

Over the years, we have learnt, from the communities we have been working with, that there is a need to understand Health and Nutrition as a holistic phenomenon that comprises of the physical environment, livelihood, societal institutions, and the existing system of governance. All these different factors shape what we grow, how we grow, what we eat, how we access our commons and how is our health maintained.

Living Farms envisages forest dependent communities, landless farmers, and Adivasi groups living their lives in dignity by being able to fight against hunger and malnutrition. We imagine a future where communities will use organic, sustainable practices to bring in food sovereignty,  conserve and regenerate forests, reorient themselves towards traditional agricultural wisdom and practices establishing their age-old linkages with the forest ecosystems, preserving the fabric of community living and culture.