Living Farms has been working to establish a sustainable agricultural model and has been promoting eco-friendly agricultural practices and working with marginalized farmers from mid 2000s. Through these sustainable models we have been trying to solve problems of food insecurity faced by tribals and land less labourers.

Forest dependent communities and tribals share a symbiotic relationships with the forest ecosystems. From food through uncultivated forest crops, to connectors of their cultural ethos, forests represent an entire world. Unabated deforestation has strongly affected the forest cover and is leading to climate change issues. This deeply affects forest dependent communities culturally as well as in tangible terms of health and nutrition. Our projects also try to regenerate and look at forests as an integral part of adivasi life and health. Some of the projects we are currently working on are:

Food and Agroecological Approaches to reduce Malnutrition

Reclaiming our Sovereign Food Systems

Strengthening Local Food Systems and Reimagining Local Futures

Alternative methods of agriculture for food sovereignty